expectativas de español 3 cp

español 3 (CP) & español 4 (CP-2)

Periods 4 & 7 – HS Room 303

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! I am looking forward to an excellent school year. Spanish 3 is a continuation of last year’s course, however more advanced and more demanding. Your level of Spanish allows this course to be much more fun and interesting as we continue to challenge and strengthen your skills by practicing grammar, speaking, reading, writing, and exploring Hispanic culture.

The course will utilize the book ¡Exprésate! Spanish Level 2 as a base. You will access your book via a classroom set and from home online at http://my.hrw.com.

Class Expectations

  • Community - We have respect for ourselves, our classmates and our teacher. We have a positive attitude and speak in positive tones. We are committed to and value the learning opportunities of which we are a part. We understand that our learning is dependent upon others, and vice-versa.
  • Participation - We do everything for a reason and we always participate to the best of our ability. Hablamos en español desde el momento que entramos en la clase (We speak in Spanish from the moment we enter the classroom). We take risks.
  • Responsibility – We arrive to class on time and hand in assignments on time. We respect all classroom materials and return them to their storage locations at the end of the class. We understand that our personal commitments to our responsibilities affect the class as a whole.


Homework or Tarea (an assignment) is mandatory and graded. A calendar is provided on the class website. The date listed on the calendar is the due date of the assignment. 

If you are absent, you are responsible for making up any missed work. Some assignments will be able to be made up online, but missed tests or quizzes need to be made up during extra help after school. Upon return you are provided with the number of days absent to make up missed work unless other arrangements have been discussed and approved by your teacher.

  • Any work that has not been turned in or completed within 5 school days of the assignment due date (or 5 school days of the allotted time due to absence) will have a maximum grade of 50%.
  • Any work that has not been turn in or completed within 10 school days of the assignment due date (or 10 school days of the allotted time due to absence) will be marked as 0%. 
This course will rely heavily on the use of technology throughout the year. 
  • Students are expected to bring their laptops sufficiently charged daily.
  • Students are expected to check their email frequently.
  • Students are expected to proficiently utilize GoogleDrive, turning in assignments on time and naming them properly.
  • Blackboard may also be used intermittently throughout this year. 
evaluation breakdown

Evaluation type

Example point value*

Additional comments:

Examenes (exams)**

200 points

Not every unidad will have an examen.  We may have un examen at the end of a quarter.

Pruebas   (quizzes)**

100 points

We will have more pruebas than exámenes.  (Example: vocabulary, grammar, speaking)

Proyectos (projects)

50 to 400 points

Points can vary greatly depending on assignment.  May take the place of un examen.

La participación

200-500 points

This is a cumulative grade, given twice per quarter.

Tarea (assignments)

10 to 20 points

*All point values are only examples.  Actual point values will vary depending on type of assignment, difficulty, etc
**Any student who receives below 70% on a quiz or a test is REQUIRED to stay for extra help.
All work that is turned in after the due date is subject to partial credit or 0 credit.

Examen Parcial y Examen Final  Midterm & Final Exam
The Midterm & Final Exams are given in January and June. These exams are part of your semester (not quarter) grades.

La Nota de Participación  Participation grade
Your grade includes a participation grade. The participation grade is weighted heavily and can amount to as much as 40% of your quarter grade. In order to achieve a high participation grade you are expected to participate entirely in Spanish on a daily basis.

       Daily participation

Contributes in Spanish

+1 pt*

Does not speak

0 pt

Speaks in English

-1 pt

Is not prepared

-5 pt

  • Each student starts each grading period with a passing grade of 60%.
  • A student’s participation grade is determined by calculating the number of points they achieve as a percentage that will either increase or decrease their 60%.
  • *You may receive more than one point a day for extraordinary participation.

academic honesty

Maintain your academic integrity!

Masconomet students are expected to demonstrate the qualities of Honesty and Responsibility.
See the Masconomet Student Handbook

Examples of academic dishonesty

  • Cheating – includes using unauthorized info during a quiz or test, copying someone else’s work, giving/receiving test or quiz info
  • Plagiarism – submitting work that is not your own, using ideas that are not your own without proper citation, or having someone else do work for you
  • Online translators – using online translators’ words as your own (does not include online dictionaries)

Need help?

  • Use a Spanish-English dictionary. www.wordreference.com (this is not a translator, you are encouraged to use it)
  • Come to extra help!

Possible consequences of academic dishonesty

  • “0” grade for assignment.
  • Reporting of incident to Vice Principal for disciplinary action (which may include suspension and academic/social probation).



We will view an authentic Chilean film (with subtitles) this year: Machuca. The pedagogical reasons for the use of this film are: understanding certain aspects of history and culture, as well as improving listening skills and comprehension of language. We are asking permission to view Machuca because foreign movies are not rated under the same system as American films. Students without permission to view the movie will be assigned an alternative project during the time that the film is viewed in class.